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Welcome to the TDSP!

Innovation is a continuous cycle. Research and invention are one part of the process, but it doesn't end there...

F or innovation to be successful it must meet the demands
of users, the market and society. To respond to these needs, there must be open channels of communication between the research community, industry and citizens. Launched in 1996, the Training and Dissemination Schemes - part of the European Commission's Innovation and SMEs Programme - promotes the human side of innovation. Working at the interface between technology and society, Training and Dissemination Schemes Projects (TDSP) focused on raising public awareness of innovation processes and initiating dialogue between technologists and the community.

T he projects covered a broad range of initiatives but had several points in common. Each one worked directly with the users, such as employees and members of the public, as well as creating a European network to share best practice. Through these networks, the project partners continue to make an impact, even though project funding has now run out.

This brochure is the first in a series of six. It provides an overview of the scheme and its projects. While the other five brochures (see box) each cover specific projects, this brochure takes an overall look at the factors required to create a social environment that favours innovation.

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Some Training and Dissemination Schemes projects

introducing information and communication technologies to the public sector at local and regional levels;

European Continuous Improvement Circle: helping organisations implement change effectively;

the European Theatre of Science: promoting the public understanding of science through drama;

developing and expanding the European Awareness Scenario Workshop - EASW®(1), a method of building common visions for the future at the local level;

raising awareness of health and environment issues in the workplace.

(1) European Awareness Scenario Workshop is a registred trade mark