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CORDIS Innovation Management Techniques
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Promotion of Innovation Management Techniques

The Innovation Management Techniques (IMT) action line aims to:

  • Help the national bodies in the design and realisation of supporting measures on IMT for SMEs
  • Stimulate the transnational exchange of knowledge and methodologies in this field.

Implemented under the INNOVATION programme, the IMT action line provides support for 23 specific projects and 6 accompanying measures with a total Community funding of roughly ECU 9 million.

The IMTs promoted include:

  • Technology watch
  • Marketing of Innovation
  • Benchmarking
  • Intellectual property rights (management of)
  • Design techniques
  • Manufacturing systems
  • Value analysis
  • Project development
  • Creativity simulation methods
  • Quality techniques (e.g. TQM, QFD)
  • Business process reengineering

This Web site has been established to provide both general information on the IMT activity and details of the projects and accompanying measures that have been supported.

  Last Updated: 21-03-2000
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