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New publications for COST 342 - Parking Policy Measures and their Effects on Mobility and the Economy , COST 332 - Transport and Land-Use Policies

COST Transport Homepage image COST Transport is one of 17 domains existing in COST at the present time.

This domain was already considered as one of the priorities in the late sixties, when the Council of Ministers of the six Member States of the Community was considering the launch of what would later be known as COST .

It was to be one of the seven areas seen as best suited for this new form of collaboration, which was officially set up by a Ministerial Conference in November 1971.

The Transport area lends itself particularly well to the COST framework, both because it combines aspects from a number of disciplines, and because of the need for harmonization at European level. Liaison with the Transport Ministries and Administrations in the various countries is a key element of these COST Actions.

The COST Transport Secretariat is located within the Directorate General for Research of the European Commission .

COST Transport Actions are authorised and supervised by the COST Technical Committee on Transport (TCT) which, in turn, reports to the COST Committee of Senior Officials (CSO). Both of these decision making bodies comprise representatives of the national governments of the COST countries.

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