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Community Research and Development Information Service - CORDIS

Guide for Information Providers


The purpose of this guide is to help information providers (sometimes referred to as IPs) by describing what can be published on CORDIS, the publishing services and support available and some basic rules on the how content should be published and maintained.

What is CORDIS?

Mission statement

CORDIS - Community Research and Delopment Information Service, is an information space devoted to European research and Development (R&D) activities and technology transfer.

The main aims of CORDIS are :

  • to facilitate participation in European research and take-up activities;
  • to improve exploitation of research results with an emphasis on sectors crucial to Europe's competitiveness;
  • to promote the diffusion of knowledge fostering the technology take-up to enterprises and the societal acceptance of new technology.

Since 2004, the CORDIS service has been managed by the Publications Office (see CORDIS contacts ), in close cooperation with the various services of the EU institutions, agencies and associated bodies involved in research activities. CORDIS is a multilingual web service currently operational in six languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Polish.

Legal basis

The creation of CORDIS is based on the Communication of the Commission for the implementation of an RTD information service (1988-12-12, SEC(1988)1831).

The current legal basis of CORDIS is Decision No. 1982/2006/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18 December 2006 concerning the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Community for research, technological development and demonstration activities (2007-2013).

Who are the Information Providers and Stakeholders?

CORDIS has a wide range of information providers and stakeholders. Information providers can be found at regional, national and European level. Amongst the stakeholders can be found research organisations, public administrations and specialised target groups.

At European level information providers are, within the European Commission, selected persons offering timely information on the research programmes and activities.

IPs and stakeholders

IPs and stakeholders

What can be published on CORDIS?

CORDIS is an information space, filled with a vast array of data on European research and development activities.

New information is added daily, and all information is regularly updated and reviewed until it is archived (where it remains available to users).

Information published on CORDIS can be categorised as follows:

  • EU research activities : Information services on all aspects of European Union R&D programmes, policies and other initiatives. The objective is to assist organisations and individuals to participate in, and/or benefit from Community-funded research. The services promote awareness of EU research activities at European, national and sub-national levels.
  • Pan-European and international research activities : Services to promote the research and innovation policies, programmes and infrastructures of the Member States. Information covering pan-European frameworks, services to promote cooperation activities with associated states and other third countries.

Publishing Services offered by CORDIS

CORDIS can help you build your website and develop it according to your needs.

The current publishing offer consists of three main categories of services:

  • Web services (static and dynamic pages)
  • Database service (records grouped within a database)
  • Applications (e.g. on-line forms, on-line forums).

If necessary, CORDIS is able to host your website, but services hosted outside can be also integrated in CORDIS.

Why host your Web service on CORDIS?

CORDIS is the central information service on European Union research activities. It comprises 12 searchable databases including news stories, events, project profiles, press releases, exploitable project results or outlines of EU research programme. All the services can be accessed via the multilingual home page.

Main benefits of hosting your web service on CORDIS:

  • High visibility as part of EU R&D Services – Publishing on CORDIS will enable you to integrate your content with over 140 other R&D web services. The popularity of CORDIS ensures high visibility for your web service.
  • Disseminate your content to current CORDIS users – CORDIS has over 100,000 registered users. Publishing on CORDIS is an excellent opportunity to attract the appropriate audience to your content. Enhanced tools (including notifications , syndication techniques, RSS feeds ) enable targeted dissemination to specific user groups.
  • Comprehensive catalogue of services – Your web service published on CORDIS automatically benefits from the comprehensive catalogue of multilingual services, including dynamic content delivery, user registration , sophisticated search facilities , tailored marketing and promotion facilities, and more.
  • CORDIS editorial – If you have an important announcement, the editorial services of CORDIS ensure the appropriate channel to disseminate in all languages of CORDIS. It includes publication and translation of news items and the submission of CORDIS Wire announcements.
  • Assistance and support – CORDIS ensures a multi-level Help Desk which provides support to the information providers and stakeholders. The support to information providers ranges from advice on content organisation to specific technical questions.

What are the role and responsibilities of the Information Provider?

The information provider is a person appointed by the relevant organisation or entity to act as the contact point with CORDIS on all matters relating to the content published on the relevant part of the CORDIS website.

The information provider will be in contact with CORDIS on the following issues:

  • Maintenance of the content : Information providers are expected to maintain their information published on CORDIS. Maintenance refers to all types of updates including additions and deletions.
  • Copyright : All graphical items (images, logos) published on CORDIS must have an explicit copyright clearance from the owner. In case of doubt, CORDIS may contact the information provider for clarification.

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