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CERIF: the Common European Research Information Format

CERIF: An EU recommendation to Member States
Commission Recommendation concerning the harmonisation within the Community of research and technological development databases (1991-05-06)
Official Journal L 189 , 1991-07-13 p. 0001 - 0034
This included the requirement to update CERIF which was done in 1997-2000.

CERIF 2000 is a set of guidelines meant for everyone dealing with research information systems.

The CERIF 2000 guidelines are developed by a group of experts from the EU Member States and Associated Member states, under the co-ordination of the European Commission. CERIF 2000 is an update of the first CERIF manual which was published in 1991.

The ambitions of this CERIF 2000 Homepage are to stimulate European-wide access to ongoing research information, and the exploitation thereof. Sharing information among the research community gives opportunities for exchange of skills and knowledge, and for bringing both together.

CERIF 2000 is created

  • To help new research information system developers by offering a superset of appropriate components from an full research information data model;
  • To assist existing CRIS (Current Research Information Systems) who are considering extensions with e.g. other types of research information;
  • To guide CRIS on how to structure and index their data in order to ensure the possibility of easy data exchange of similar information in between their research information systems.

Due to limited resources at the European Commission for the follow up of the CERIF2000 initiative, since 2002 EuroCRIS (the European Current Research Information Systems) has been asked to continue development and support of CERIF particularly and CRIS in general.

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