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Technology Transfer and Technology Validation Projects

" The Specific Programme for the Dissemination and Optimization of the Results of Activities in the Field of Research and Technological Development including Demonstration " known as the INNOVATION Programme is part of the third activity of the Fourth Framework Programme (1994-1998) and was adopted by the Council of Ministers on 15 December 1994. A major action line of this INNOVATION Programme has been Technology Validation and Technology Transfer projects.

There have been three calls for proposals in 1995, 1996 and lastly in 1997.


European industry faces particular problems translating scientific breakthroughs and technological achievements into industrial and commercial successes. This capacity appears to be limited to Europe compared with its major competitors. Accordingly, the research/innovation interface is becoming increasingly important for businesses.

The aims of these calls has been to contribute to the improvement of the research/innovation interface by providing support for projects which:

  • Demonstrate "good practice" in the validation and transfer of technology in the framework of developing innovations;

  • Meet the demand i.e. the needs of the market and of society;

  • Help European businesses enhance their capacity to build transnational partnerships and, ultimately, to promote an improved "innovation culture" for a more competitive European industry.

The priority, but not exclusive, target group of these calls were enterprises and in particular, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Priority attention being given to SMEs in the industrial, craft and service sector, which depend on access to new technology for the preservation of their competitiveness.

Other types of organisations have acted as catalysts in the innovation process such as large companies, universities, research centres, technology transfer intermediaries, banks, venture capitalists, local and regional agencies, governments, local authorities and standard and trade associations, etc.

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