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Directorate General XIII/D/1 is mandated with the operational and strategic aspects of intellectual property. It has been implementing various measures concerning innovation protection systems in order to create awareness and to promote the importance of intellectual property rights issues in innovation processes. This Web site provides details of the following operational actions that have been undertaken by DG XIII/D/1:

  • Quick Scan : a novelty search service in the framework of technology validation and technology transfer projects of the INNOVATION programme;
  • Patent portfolio : management of the patent portfolio of the European Union institutions;
  • IPR Seminars : training for Commission project officers in IPR aspects of research and development;
  • IPR Helpdesk : combined website and helpline informational services providing comprehensive information on how to protect and exploit Community research.
Patinnova '99
18-20 October 1999, Thessaloniki, Greece

Details on the proceedings of PATINNOVA'97 , the European Congress on patents and patent information which took place in Vienna, Austria, on 5-7 May 1997, can also be accessed via this site.

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