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  In recognition of the importance of SMEs to the European economy, the European Commission implements a number of measures to promote research and innovation among SMEs.  
  These range from dedicated measures under the 4th RTD Framework Programme focused on promoting SME participation in EU-funded research programmes and supporting their involvement in the innovation process, to broader initiatives and services aimed at improving the general competitiveness and success of Europe's SMEs.  
  The purpose of this CORDIS service is to enhance SME awareness of, and access to information on, the various instruments available. Details are also provided on other issues of interest to SMEs, such as the debate on the Green Paper on Innovation launched by the Commission in December 1995 and developments emerging during the preparation of the 5th RTD Framework Programme.  
  The following pages are intended to provide an overview of the main instruments and activities in operation. More detailed information can be obtained by following the links which have been established to other information sites on the CORDIS and EUROPA WWW servers.  
Commission urges SMEs to prepare for switchover to euro
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