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Welcome to Esprit, the EU
information technologies programme

A-Z index IST 99 Helsinki, 22-24 November 1999
Welcome to the new IST Programme
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Conferences and events supported by Esprit and related programmes

EU-US SME partnership event, 14-16 April 1999, Metroplex, Texas
PDT Europe 1999, 13-16 April 1999, Stavanger
Intelligent Manufacturing Systems 1999, 22-24 September 1999, Leuven
IST 99 Helsinki, 22-24 November 1999
ACTS calendar of events
CORDIS list of R&D events

Calls, information package, work programme

Final call of the Esprit programme (deadline was 16 June 1998) No more calls planned
Previous calls
Information package

About the Esprit programme and the planned IST Programme

Introduction -
Programme and domain presentations
Answers to frequently asked questions about Esprit
Answers to frequently asked questions about the planned IST Programme Coming soon
Fifth Framework Programme (FP5): latest developments
Preparing for FP5: monitoring, evaluation and assessment of Esprit
The IST Programme
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Results Zone

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TRAIN-IT: one-stop shop for IT start-ups
Solutions for Business: case-studies from Esprit
Highlight: Trading network for the European fishing industry
PROSOMA: multimedia showcase of ACTS, Esprit and Telematics Programme results
Technology transfer and the exploitation of results

Work areas: domains, themes and initiatives

Advanced Research Initiative in Microelectronics: MEL-ARI
Electronic Commerce theme and the Global Marketplace for SMEs
Experimental School Environments (ESE)
Future and Emerging Technologies Forum (FET) : discussion rooms
High-Performance Computing and Networking (HPCN)
Information Access and Interfaces theme
Integration in Manufacturing (IiM)
Intelligent Information Interfaces: the i³ initiative
International Cooperation
IT for Learning and Training in Industry theme
IT for Mobility theme
IT for Satellite Communications theme
Long-Term Research (LTR)
Multimedia Systems (MMS)
Open Microprocessor Systems Initiative (OMI)
Software Best Practice (ESSI)
Software Technologies (ST)
Technologies for Business Processes
Technologies for Components and Subsystems (TCS)
Year 2000 computer problem
IT impact of the Euro

Projects and complementary activities

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Spotlight: LIME - networking collective memory
Synopses and home pages
International cooperation projects and actions
Contracts, cost statements and other useful documents
Opportunities for organisations from Central Europe and the Baltics

Contact points

Information Desk and unit contact points for Esprit
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National Contact Points in the EU and other regions
IDEALFIT: services provided by a consortium of National Contacts Points
IDEALIST-EAST: promoting CEEC/NIS involvement in the IST Programme
Innovation Relay Centres


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About Calls Conferences Contacts Info package Potpourri
Projects Results Themes Work areas Work-programme

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