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ETAN was set up in the 4th Framework Programme as an activity of Area I "Evaluation of science and technology policy options" of the Targeted Socio-Economic Research (TSER) programme of Directorate General XII (Science, Research and Development) of the European Commission .

The purpose of ETAN is to promote communication and debate at the European level between policy researchers and policy makers on important science and technology (S&T) policy issues.

ETAN’s working method is: to constitute an expert working group for each selected topic that reviews, synthesises and consolidates socio-economic research results into ETAN "issues and options" working papers; and to organise seminars and conferences bringing together experts, S&T policy-makers and other stakeholders to discuss issues addressed by the expert working groups.

In its pilot phase, ETAN launched activities on nine topics: (summaries of these activities as well as links to detailed information on each activity can be found on the activities page ).

Working papers, reports and other related publications of finished and ongoing projects can be found in the document library .

ETAN is not continuing in the 5th Framework Programme in which activities of the ETAN type are taking place as part of the STRATA initiative.

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