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CRIS 2000 - European Commission
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The fifth conference on Current Research Information Systems in Europe, CRIS 2000, takes place in Helsinki (Finland), 25-27 May 2000. The conference is organised by the Innovation Directorate of the European Commission's DG Enterprise, in co-operation with the Finnish Ministry of Education and TEKES, the Technology Development Centre in Finland. CRIS 2000 is symbolised by the image of an "apple", referring to "knowledge". The cybercafé provides access to the conference related information and contributions, and acts as a forum for a virtual CRIS conference, with demonstrations and links. Thanks to the appreciated support of the staff of Helsinki University of Technology (the CRIS 2000 secretariat), TEKES, and the members of the CRIS 2000 conference Programme Committee, the European Commission's team was able to realise this event.

( symbolism of the apple )

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