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The systematic and in-depth investigation of issues related to science, technology, research and innovation started about twenty years ago, in an attempt not only to transform the scientific and technological knowledge into competitive products and services of long-term benefit but also to breakdown the barriers in communication and understanding that often exist between the scientific community and society.

The VALUE Programme (1992-1994), the forerunner to the INNOVATION Programme, was initially implemented by the European Commission in 1989 as an "interface" between industry and the RTD programmes' results, in order to promote these programmes and help industry to exploit the results emanating from their collaborative projects. The VALUE II Programme or more precisely the "CEC centralised action for the dissemination and optimization of Community funded R&D results" was launched in 1992 covering also two new interfaces. Interface II was an interface between research and scientific community, encouraging interdisciplinary reflection on basic and applied research. The main areas of interest included:


General context of research: To investigate an effective dissemination.
Communication of research: To assess and improve the communication channels between the scientific community and the various users of research.
Economics of research: To understand the effectiveness and efficiency of the R&D effort using a macro- economic approach.
Management of research: To develop and promote "best practice" guidelines for managing R&D.

The aim of Interface II was to assess the social impact of science support measures and to identify and study the impact of scientific and technological knowledge on society, producing thus an interface between research and society.

Interfaces for Innovation 1995 Conference : Summary of proceedings and Conclusions

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