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Innovation Programme

RTD Exploitation

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The INNOVATION Programme implemented the Third Activity - Dissemination and Exploitation of Results - of the Fourth RTD Framework Programme (1994-98). It is managed by the European Commission, DG XIII/D - Dissemination and Exploitation of R&TD Results, Technology Transfer and Innovation. There will be no more calls for proposals under the INNOVATION Programme (1994-98).

Fifth RTD Framework Programme

A new programme - Promotion of innovation and encouragement of SME participation - is being implemented under the Fifth RTD Framework Programme (1998-2002).

Complementing the traditional dissemination and exploitation activities implemented under the specific research programmes, the INNOVATION Programme manages a range of activities and services focused on its three interrelated objectives:

  1. Promotion of an environment favourable to innovation and the absorption of new technologies by enterprises;

  2. Stimulation of a European open area for the diffusion of technologies and knowledge;

  3. Supply of this area with appropriate technologies.

This Web site provides comprehensive information on the activities, services, projects and initiatives supported under the INNOVATION programme. A section devoted to innovation policy is also included providing details of the First Action Plan for Innovation in Europe.

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