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The European Innovation Monitoring System (EIMS)

Since its inception in the early 1990s, the European Innovation Monitoring System (EIMS) of the European Community’s Innovation Programme has played an increasingly significant role in supporting the study and empirical evaluation of new technologies and innovative processes in businesses and enterprises across Europe.

By strengthening the base of data, information and knowledge on the innovative performance of companies, public policy and the supporting infrastructures for innovation available to enterprise throughout Europe, companies can strengthen the innovation foundation in Europe. This will be increasingly important in responding to the economic and social challenges facing every company as they strive to develop and succeed in the 21st century - the century for innovation.

Within the context of innovation, the European Union Member States learn from one another and actively participate in the exchange of ideas and methodologies. This will be necessary to ensure sustained development between and amongst European business in a globally competitive environment which will not treat inefficiency or a reluctance to innovate kindly. There are many valuable lessons and experiences to be taken from the studies undertaken by EIMS, which are conveniently summarized on these pages.

EIMS was conceived as an innovation observatory. This process was further developed in the 5th Framework Programme under the Innovation Policy Studies of the Innovation and SME Programme and by the activities of the Innovation Scoreboard .

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