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European Telematics

Advancing the Information Society

Barcelona Conference

Conference and Exhibition

Barcelona, 4-7 February, 1998

The TELEMATICS APPLICATIONS programme under the Fourth Framework Programme supports RTD activities relating to the following areas:

  • AREA A: Telematics for Services of Public Interest ; the research in question, which will account for nearly one third of the total programme budget, will concern in particular exchanges of information between administrations and transport management systems:

  • AREA B: Telematics for Knowledge ; the aim is to enable knowledge producers and users to consult, share or update certain categories of knowledge:

  • AREA C: Telematics for Improving Employment and Quality of Life ; the activities in question will concern in particular audiovisual aids and interfaces designed to enable elderly or handicapped people to play a full part in the economy and society, the development of teleworking and teleservices (telemedicine, multimedia medical records, etc.) and environmental monitoring and warning systems:

    • Sector 6: Telematics for Urban & Rural Areas
    • Sector 7: Telematics for Healthcare
    • Sector 8: Telematics for Disabled & Elderly People
    • Sector 9: Telematics for the Environment
    • Sector 10: Other Exploratory Actions
  • AREA D: Horizontal RTD Activities ; research will also be carried out to facilitate user access to data bases and improve the recognition of spoken and written languages and the presentation of information:

    • Sector 11: Telematics Engineering
    • Sector 12: Language Engineering
    • Sector 13: Information Engineering
  • AREA E: Programme Support Actions ; these actions address issues common to several areas of the Programme. Their general orientation will be set at the Programme level and then implemented in the various relevant sectors.

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