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The Environment and Climate Programme 1994-1998

Within the Fourth RTD Framework Programme (1994-1998), the Environment and Climate Programme contributed to European environmental research by supporting RTD projects and networks of excellence in the following four areas:

  • "Research into the natural environment, environmental quality and global change" , the aim of which was to understand the basic mechanisms of the climate and natural systems and their impact on natural resources;

  • "Environmental technologies" , in order to develop environmental monitoring and protection technologies, the restoration of deteriorated sectors of the environment, and the management of natural hazards;

  • "Space technology applied to Earth observation and environmental research" , in order to determine the planet's state of health from satellite data, necessitating the development of specific space instruments;

  • "Human dimensions of environmental change" , which included research on the social and economic causes and impacts of environmental change with the aim of assisting in the formulation of the European Union's environmental policies and thus facilitating their implementation.

To derive the maximum benefit from the projects launched, the participation of the Member States in the international global change programmes were coordinated via the ENRICH network (European Network for Research into Global Change) implemented jointly with the MAST and INCO programmes.

Further information
Projects and Results Environment and Climate projects and research results (1994-1998) are available on this website (see menu to left). Browse the CORDIS RTD-Projects database and the CORDIS RTD-Results database for information on other RTD programmes.
Research before 1994 Information on projects and results arising from Environment and Climate research (1990-1994) can be found by accessing the CORDIS RTD-Projects database or the RTD-Results database , selecting ENV 1C under Programme acronyms , and proceeding with Search .
Research after 1998 Information on Environment and Climate research initiated under the Fifth Framework programme (1998-2002) can be found on the Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development website .
Europa Information on Environment and Climate is also available on the Europa server.

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