UK deal, Syria, migration conclusions

EU summitEU summit

The EU Summit on friday night reached a deal on the UK issue and on Migration, and the crises in Syria and Libya. High Representative Federica Mogherini welcomed the deal for the UK saying that "It's a good deal for Europe, it's a good deal for the UK. It's going to be for the citizens to decide."

The Uk, she stressed, is a key country. "The input the UK gives to the EU's foreign and security policy is vital, and I believe the UK's national interests can be served much better through EU common policy on Lebanon, Syria, on Libya. I think UK citizens will recognise that" - Mogherini said.

At the Summit all EU leaders agreed in their conclusions that "in response to the migration crisis facing the EU, the objective must be to rapidly stem the flows, protect the external borders, reduce illegal migration and safeguard the integrity of the Schengen area."

On the Syria and Libya agenda points, Mogherini told journalists that "the discussions went well" with both being included in the Conclusions. "We Europeans are the ones pushing for a diplomatic solution, we'll see what comes from New York and Geneva in the meantime. The fact we managed to reach 83,000 people in Syria only one week after Munich is not to be underestimated.", she underline.

Conclusions on migration