People of Maidan

People of MaidanPeople of Maidan

Two years ago, Ukrainians stood on Maidan Square demanding their right to determine the future of their country.  They asked for a country that looked ahead towards Europe, not behind to the past.

The EU's response to Maidan has been a determination to help Ukraine, in the short, medium and long-term. Our common goal is a reformed Ukraine – democratic, united and prosperous. A reformed Ukraine that realises the ambitions of its people. 
The People of Maidan is a series of video portraits that tells the story of euro Maidan through the eyes of the people who were there, what changes they have seen in Ukraine since Maidan and their hopes for Ukraine in the future.



Alexander lives in Kyiv, running several businesses. Alexander is originally from Mariupol, Donetsk in the East of Ukraine. Alexander remembers the nights of 18th and 19th February, when he was defending Maidan. In the following days, Alexander had to do one of the most terrifying things in his life.


Andrei is an ethnic Russian, living in Ukraine. Andrei is a successful novelist, his work having been translated into 35 languages and published in 65 countries. He is best known for his ' Death and the Penguin' book.   Andrei describes the origins of the word Maidan and why, in his opinion, Euromadain happened. Andrei believes that Ukraine can only ever be a democracy.


Miriam participated in Euromaidan from the first day of the protests. She describes the nostalgia she feels for Maidan and the camaraderie that she experienced with those who were on Maidan with her two years ago.


Svitlana used to be a journalist and was on Maidan from the beginning of the protests. Svitlana is originally from central Ukraine. Svitalana describes who was on Maidan and how the DNA of Ukrainian society has since changed irreversibly.


In this four minute mini-documentary you will hear the captivating stories of those who were on Maidan square in Kiev, Ukraine, two years ago.

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Disclaimer: The People of Maidan is a compilation of video interviews produced by the EU. All those interviewed have recounted their personal experiences and opinions. The opinions and judgements expressed in these videos do not represent official EU policy or opinions.