Global Strategy to steer EU external action in an increasingly connected, contested and complex world

EU Global StrategyEU Global Strategy

High Representative Federica Mogherini will prepare an EU Global Strategy for foreign and security policy by June 2016. In her assessment of the current global environment, the High Representative made the case for a strategy to steer the Union's global action and set priorities in a rapidly changing environment.


“The EU must confront both the challenges and the opportunities that come with its changed environment” Mogherini argues in the report. “The very nature of our Union gives us a unique advantage to steer the way in a more complex, more connected, but also more contested world.”

The High Representative stressed that current global trends make it necessary for the EU to adapt and set out its course ahead: “The world is more connected than at any point in the past, the same is true for the European Union. An effective response hinges on the European Union's ability to make choices and prioritise areas where it can and wants to make a difference.”

“The European Union does not have the luxury to turn inwards. We have a responsibility to protect our citizens while promoting our interests and universal values.” Mogherini argues in the report.

To do this, it will be essential to work even more closely together at European level and with partners around the globe: “The European Union has all the means to be an influential global player in future – if it acts together. In a world of incalculable risk and opportunity, crafting effective responses will hinge on the Union's ability to adjust, react and innovate in partnership with others. We need a common, comprehensive and consistent EU global strategy.”

To set the priorities for the new EU global strategy the High Representative launched a reflection process that will bring together EU institutions, Member States and Civil Society. “We need to forge a new social contract with European citizens also through foreign policy.” Mogherini underlined when presenting her report in Brussels.


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