EU forges closer ties with Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova

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Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova took a big step toward closer ties with the EU as they signed Association Agreements with the EU on 27 June. This is a symbolic moment for all three countries.

The Association Agreementswill significantly deepen political and economic ties with the EU in the framework of the Eastern Partnership. As the EU has expanded, these countries have become closer neighbours, and their security, stability and prosperity increasingly affect the EU’s. Closer cooperation between the EU and its eastern European partners is very important for the EU's external relations.

The agreements also include a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA), expected to bring many economic benefits for Moldova, Georgia and Ukraineby offering businesses access to the EU's single market– the largest in the world. This will create business opportunities and bring higher standards of goods, better services, and increased competitiveness. The EU will work with all three partner countries' governments and businesses to bring about reforms and give assistance to upgrade goods and industries to the necessary standards.


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