EU Election Observation Mission in Paraguay

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Following an invitation from the Government of the Republic of Paraguay and the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, the European Union has sent a mission to observe the 21 April elections in Paraguay.

The EU Election Observation Mission (EU EOM), led by Chief Observer Renate Weber, a Romanian member of the European Parliament, comprises 22 long-term observers, 52 short-term observers, 8 election analysts and 7 Members of the European Parliament. Staff from the EU Delegation in Paraguay and EU Member States Embassies present in Asunción complete this mission of over a hundred observers from 27 EU member states and Norway.

The team, deployed in the country’s capital and across its 17 regional departments, will observe the electoral process and meet candidates and political parties, government and electoral officials, civil society representatives and the media.

The mission, which was launched on 15 March, conducts a comprehensive analysis of the entire electoral process based on long-term observation, including the legal framework, the work of the election administration, the role of state institutions, campaign activities, the conduct of the media, the role of civil society, voting and counting, the complaints and appeals process and the announcement of the results.

The mission, independent of any EU institution or member state, aims to offer an impartial assessment of the elections and their compliance with Paraguay's international and regional commitments and obligations with regard to democratic elections, as well as with Paraguayan law.

The EU EOM Chief Observer will issue a preliminary report to the Paraguayan government shortly after the elections. A final report, with recommendations for future elections, will be published later. The members of the mission remain neutral and abide by the EU election observation code of conduct and Paraguayan law.

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