Have your say: New EU guidelines on Freedom of expression

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The EU is committed to promote human rights in all areas of its external action without exception, in particular, using the link between new technologies and human rights as important avenues for promoting democracy.

In this context the EU strategic framework on Human rights and Democracy adopted in 25 June 2012, foresees that the EU will develop CFSP Guidelines on Freedom of Expression online and offline, including the protection of bloggers and journalists. The Human right guidelines are an integral part of our Human rights policy. The guidelines are practical tools to help EU representations in the field to better advance our policy.

The EU guidelines on Freedom of expression, which should be adopted in the coming months, will ensure a maximum of coherence and consistency in EU and EUMS actions, as well as a reinforced visibility of the EU commitment on freedom of expression.

They will build upon existing instruments and documents, recalling key principles and containing clearly defined priorities and tools for the promotion of freedom of expression.

They will explain what the international human rights standards on freedom of expression are, and give clear political lines to all EU officials. They also provide them with practical guidance on how both to seek to prevent violations of Freedom of expression and how to react effectively to violations wherever they occur.

The EEAS would like to consult civil society while drafting these guidelines, opening up public consultations through the EEAS internet page.

Please use the link here to give us your input until 15 July 2013.

Many thanks!