"Transatlantic Partners in Global Security": discussing CSDP in Washington

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Security is a global challenge that the European Union tackles with a number of partners, and primarily the United States. Through its Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP), the EU continues to position itself as a security provider, in a context of financial austerity and a changing strategic environment. In this context, the EEAS organises a symposium on the Common Security and Defence Policy on 26 April in Washington D.C.

The EU now has almost ten years of experience on the ground, with in total 23 EU military or civilian missions (either completed or ongoing) and 80,000 people deployed on three continents, from Bosnia and Herzegovina or Kosovo to Aceh and Afghanistan, from the Middle East to Chad, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and the Horn of Africa. The EU's strength lies within the coherence ensured through its comprehensive approach to crisis management, encompassing both security and defence action as well as the whole range of EU tools: political, diplomatic, developmental, and humanitarian. The EU is also achieving significant progress in the pooling & sharing of military capabilities, with Member States taking forward a number of concrete projects including on air-to-air refuelling, medical support, training or maritime surveillance.

The EEAS is organising the transatlantic symposium in Washington DC to increase the visibility of EU CSDP capabilities among the US policy community, just a few weeks ahead of the May NATO summit in Chicago. This event will bring together key policy makers and both military and civilian practitioners from various departments of the US Administration, Congress and think tanks, as well as the EU. The symposium will explore the scope for further transatlantic cooperation on security challenges, with a focus on the role of CSDP.

Speakers will include: Pierre Vimont, Executive Secretary General of the EEAS; Claude-France Arnould, Executive Director of the European Defence Agency; Maciej Popowski, Deputy Secretary General of the EEAS; Jim Townsend, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defence for Europe and NATO Policy at the US Department of Defense; Lieutenant-General Ton Van Osch, Director-General of the EU Military Staff; and Rear Admiral Duncan Potts, Force Commander of Operation EUNAVFOR Atalanta.