Brussels, 17/08/2015

Statement of the High Representative and Vice President Federica Mogherini on Da'esh attacks in Sirte

Recent acts of terror committed by Da'esh-affiliated groups in Sirte, including indiscriminate shelling and execution of prisoners, show that extremists are taking advantage of the security vacuum in the country to expand and target Libyan citizens.

Da'esh poses a threat to all Libyans. We therefore call on all Libyan political and military stakeholders to demonstrate the necessary spirit of responsibility and compromise in order to finalise the political agreement and form a Government of National Accord.  This will allow the Libyan people to confront this growing threat in a united way, and bring peace and security back to their country.

The EU stands ready to support a Government of National Accord as soon as it is established, so that Libyan people can quickly benefit from this move towards peace and stability.