Civil society dialogue

Support to non state actors in Vanuatu

EU support to non-state actors (NSAs) and local authorities encourages participation in development, at both national and local level. It also encourages working for better governance and more participative development which is thus more relevant to citizens.

In Vanuatu there is a project financed under EDF 9 to Support to Non State Actors (€ 1,000,000). This programme provides financial support to NSA initiatives with a priority to projects located in remote islands and/or involving women groups The duration of the project is from 2007 to 2010. The continuation of this project is already foreseen with a total amount of € 1,600,000 under 10th EDF for the period 2011-2014.

The European Commission provides also grants for Non State Actors and Local Authorities in Development to improve citizenship awareness, gender equity, political awareness and cultural activities among people with less access to public services. These projects will be financed under the general budget of the EU (Duration of the projects: 2010-2013) The annual allocation amounts to € 250,000

( the last 2009 call for proposal opened in February until the 6th of April 2009) The three grants were allocated following 2008 call for proposals and three in 2009;

  • Developing ethics and citizenship in Vanuatu through and with the media (Duration 2009-2010) Transparency International - grant of € 70,545

This project aims at increasing public awareness about the right to information and at strengthening media-citizens relations to be better address governance issues and concerns. The project will work with journalists as the key actors in the dissemination of information. Main activities of the project will focus around investigative journalism

  • Youth, Cultural and Creative Opportunities – grant of € 90,000 (Duration 2009-2010) Implemented by Foundation of the Peoples of the South Pacific

In this project, the creation of two youth centers, in Lenakel and Lakotoro, for recording music will help promoting young people’s abilities increasing their opportunities and improving their quality of life. This project will also reinforce the economic dimension of Vanuatu’s culture in its contribution to development

  • Together Kids in Vanuatu (Duration 2009-2010) Implemented by the Football Federation of Vanuatu – grant of € 76,100

This intervention is the continuation of a previous one implemented in 2008. ‘Together Kids’ will reinforce schools’ capacity to train children and allow them to play football. The project will work with 11 000 children from 455 different schools and with all sport teachers working with these kids. Teachers will receive special training delivered by both the OFC and the VFF. Football material will be sent to primary schools and a football competition will be organized between all primary schools involved in the project.

  • Developing ethics and citizenship in Vanuatu through and with the media (Duration 2010-2011) Transparency International – grant of € 75,000

The project will work with community leaders as the key actors in the dissemination of information. Workshops all over Vanuatu particularly in the rural areas, are intended to inform participants about the historical development of the Constitution, the legal and administrative functioning of the Government and the structures in place to hold the Government to account.

  • Examining gender violence through drama (Duration 2010-2011) Wan Smoll Bag – grant of € 70,545

The project aims to increase awareness of gender-related violence and the consequences of such behaviour through different activities such as a creation of a new play, creation of comic books and workshops. WSB intends to reduce the myths around gender-based violence among young people and to reduce the incidence of gender-based violence. Gender-based violence is usually perpetrated by men against women and girls, and it can take many forms: sexual abuse, physical violence, emotional or psychological abuse, verbal abuse, or beatings during pregnancy. The goal of this project, implemented by WSB, is to increase community awareness of gender based violence as a way to improve effective family relationships, reduce rates of sexual transmissible illnesses, and improve reproduction health. Through community involvement, drama, and discussions, the project will stimulate rethinking of roles and behaviours that contribute to a culture of violence, and generate community-led gender based violence interventions.

  • Developing ethics and citizenship in Vanuatu through and with the media (Duration 2010-2011) Alliance Française – grant of € 70,545

The project will work with AF cultural centres at different provinces as the key actors in the dissemination of information. Workshops all over Vanuatu, particularly in the rural areas, will improve access to information, promote the intercultural exchanges between the islands and encourage training programmes to transmit and acquire new skills.