Cooperation Strategy and Priorities

The Council for Foreign Affairs of May 2011 announced the suspension of bilateral cooperation programmes between the EU and the Syrian government under the MEDA/ENPI instruments and to suspend all preparations for new bilateral cooperation.

However, The EU continues its support to Syrian people.
The on-going activities focus on areas with large influx of refugees as well as continuing support to Civil Society through organisations active in various fields ranging from culture to water as well as family planning.

Civil society organisations are also invited to participate to a number of regional programmes. The EU fosters also multi-country higher education programmes (Tempus and ErasmusMundus) which include vivid student and staff exchange components.

Cooperation approach
EU cooperation is demand-driven and results-oriented, and based on the EU Consensus on Development. Providing expert and policy advice, it facilitates capacity-building. In line with the EU-UN Aid Effectiveness Agenda, the EU also promotes synergies and coordination with other donors and UN agencies in Syria.

A comprehensive and chronological overview of the imposed sanctions on Syria can be found here


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