EC Civil Society Fund II

The Civil Society Fund II in Ethiopia is a joint initiative of the European Commission and the Government of Ethiopian Federal Democratic Republic, implemented under the 10th European Development Fund (EDF). The programme is a continuation of a similar programme CSF I, with an earmarked total budget of 12 million EUR in two phases. The Programme operates through grant and non-grant support for Non-State Actors (NSAs) in Ethiopia. The European Union Delegation to Ethiopia acts as a Contracting Authority on behalf of the Government of Ethiopia. The strategic management of the programme is guided by the tripartite Programme Steering Committee, which is comprised of representatives from Non State Actors, the Ethiopian Government and the European Union Delegation to Ethiopia. A Technical Assistance Unit (TAU) based in Addis Ababa assists with the day-to-day administration of the programme.

Latest News

The new Civil Society Fund II website has been launched!
Visit the website  : you will be informed on the different supports provided by the Fund, the latest news, the Technical assistance unit, the partners, all the contact details you need and much more.

Civil Society Fund II Calls for Proposal

The Delegation of the European Union to Ethiopia is seeking proposals in the areas of Non-State Actors’ capacity building and service delivery in the governance and development sectors for support under the Civil Society Fund II (CSF II). The CSF II is financed by the European Commission in the framework of European Union – Government of Ethiopia cooperation programme from the 10th European Development Fund. The full Guidelines for Applicants are available for consultation at the office of :

Technical Assistance Unit for Civil Society Fund II
W. 17, K. 03/05 H. No. 572
between Atlas Int. Hotel and Tele Medhnalem
across the junction opposite SOS Children’s Village
E-mail address:
Fax: +251 (0) 11 618 55 29
Tel.: +251 (0) 116 187530/31

On the website: or below:

The deadline for submission of concept notes is February 4th, 2013, 17:00 hours (local time). Information session on this call for proposals will be held nation wide. The dates and venues of the information sessions are:

Bahir Dar on 20th of  December 2012 at ADA meeting Hall from 3:30 pm
Dire Dawa on 20th of December 2012 – at Ras Hotel from 9:00 am
Hawassa on 21st of December 2012, at Central Hotel, from 2:00 pm
Jigiga on 21st of December 2012, at Palace Hotel from 9:00 am
Mekelle on 21st of  December 2012 , at Axum Hotel from 9:00 am
Gambella on 27th of December 2012, At BOFED Meeting Hall from 9:00 am
Assosa on 28th of December 2012, at Mango Lodge, from 9:00 am
Semera on 09th of January 2013, at Luci Hall from 9:00 am


Slides used for info sessions of Call for Proposal 2012 - click here pdf - 288 KB [288 KB]
CSF II CfP 2012 EuropeAid/133-781/L/ACT/ET  to download Guideline for Grant Applicants (PDF Document) click here pdf - 241 KB [241 KB]
CSF II CfP 2012 EuropeAid/133-781/L/ACT/ET  to download Annex A - Grant Application Form (Word Document) click here msw8 - 861 KB [861 KB]
CSF II Cfp 2012 EuropeAid/133-781/L/ACT/ET to download all Annexes (Zipped folder) click here zip - 2 MB [2 MB]
Questions and answers - 23 January 2013 click here pdf - 38 KB [38 KB]

Civil Society Fund II
Call for Proposals for Large Grants 2012
 10th European Development Fund
 Reference: EuropeAid/133-781/L/ACT/ET 


Herewith all applicants shall be informed that the evaluation process of the submitted Concept Notes under the above-mentioned Call for Proposals is still on-going. Therefore, the information to the applicants on the evaluation of the Concept Notes and the invitations for submission of the Full Applications will not be sent out on 8th of March 2013 as envisaged in the Guidelines for Applicants.

Further information on the revised indicative timetable will be published soon.

The Delegation of the European Union to Ethiopia thanks all applicants for their understanding and patience.

 Revised Indicative Time Table

Revised Date
Information to applicants on the opening & administrative checks and concept note evaluation (step 1)29th May - 7th June 2013
Invitations for submission of Full Application Form29th May 2013
Deadline for submission of Full Application Form15th July 2013
Information to applicants on the evaluation of the Full Application Form (step 2)End of August 2013
Notification of award (after the eligibility check) (step 3)Early September 2013
Contract signatureOctober 2013

Successful applicants of the Call for proposals have been informed on 29th May by the Delegation to the European Union. Unsuccessful applicants have received a notice in their PO Box. They should check it as soon as possible. Feedback sessions will soon be organized to allow unsuccessful applicants to receive explanations and draw lessons.