Cultural Heritage Awareness Program with Schools (25/10/2010)

Siwa, Egypt

Under the Project “SIWA & TANGIER: a Heritage for a Better Life”, funded by the European Union within the Euromed Heritage program, students from 5 primary schools in Siwa will be introduced to their heritage through a program starting on October 30th 2010 that will continue until the end of the school year 2010/2011.

The program will present the heritage of Siwa to young students (10 to 12 years old) in an exciting and interactive way. They will be accompanied during 3 thematic field visits to historical sites, water springs, cultivation sites and other sites important for the heritage. After each trip, the students will participate in a workshop at the school where they will express what they have learnt through the visits.

The program will involve two school teachers and the headmaster of each school, a guide from the Antiquities Department and local story-tellers. Students will be asked to research the mentioned themes involving their parents and relatives. This activity will produce some materials to create a collective board game: “the game of the goose”. The game will ask the players questions about the history of the architecture, traditions, and characters within the oasis. The question cards will be created with the participation of the students during the workshops and the field visits. The game will be tested by students, parents and teachers at the end of year celebration.

The program was designed by the SCDEC and COSPE and the methodology of implementation was discussed with and endorsed by the Department of Education.

The Project “SIWA & TANGIER: a heritage for a better life” is implemented by COSPE in partnership with SCDEC Association (Siwa Community Development and Environmental Conservation) in Siwa and the association AL BOUGHAZ in Tangier – Morocco. The project is funded by the European Union under the Euromed Heritage 4 Programme and aims to promote better knowledge and understanding of local cultural assets. The action builds around its specific objective to create effective management tools for sustainable protection of the tangible and intangible heritage in Tangier and Siwa by fostering community participation and facilitating access to education and knowledge of the cultural heritage.

For more information please contact:

Abdullah Eid – project coordinator
Telephone: (+2) 046 460 1549
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