Crisis Management

Since its foundation, the European Community is involved in all phases of the crisis cycle; from preventive strategies, to post-crisis rehabilitation and reconstruction. She manages substantial resources devoted to countries in political crisis through its country programmes and specific instruments such as the Instrument for stability.

The Commission attaches great importance to a coherent EU approach to crisis situations, assuring that EC instruments and ESDP actions are complementary. Both local delegations and local partners are closely involved.

ESDP missions have been carried out in FYROM (Former Republic of Macedonia), Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Occupied Palestinian Territories, Guinea-Bissau, Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan/Darfur, Chad and the Central African Republic, Somalia, Afghanistan, Moldova and Ukraine, Iraq, Georgia and Aceh, a province of Indonesia.

These missions mainly support police, judiciary and customs reforms and capacity-building. They facilitate agreements ending hostilities and ensure compliance of these agreements. There are important efforts to assure the security of civilians, refugees, humanitarian workers and UN personnel. Furthermore, the ESDP missions can help in specific fields, like monitoring the borders where needed or even fighting against piracy.