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In today's global economy, local and regional authorities have an ever-increasing responsibility to reinforce the capacity of their territories to innovate and remain competitive.


In this context, knowledge is emerging as a powerful contributing factor in establishing a competitive advantage - this is likely to grow in significance in the years to come. Education, training, research, and innovation will become the primary assets of cities and regions in the next century. To confront this challenge, efforts must be made now at all levels, especially in the Less Favoured Areas of the Community.

The European Union in particular must not neglect those regions which are lagging behind in their economic development. In its communication Reinforcing cohesion and competitiveness through research, technology development and innovation, the Commission has proposed a new approach in establishing Regional Integrated Strategies for RTD and Innovation.

This Web site has been created to encourage the take up of this new approach. It is aimed at interlinking local, regional, national authorities and the European Commission, and to help them gather the most valuable information and best practices in the field of RTD and Innovation.

It will provide easy access to the most relevant and up-to-date information, including Community documents, academic literature (studies, publications, etc.), significant events, and links to pertinent Web sites. In particular, it will provide the opportunity to participate periodically in interactive fora dedicated to specific issues in the field of regional development, RTD and Innovation.

This site is yours…It will be what you want it to be. Don't hesitate to send us your comments, information, and suggestions to both enrich its content and to make it more user friendly!

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