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NEW: three prospective reports are now available online

Outlook report "Europe in the global research landscape" (EUR 22956)

The report presents an economic and prospective analysis on the consequences for Europe of an intensified globalisation of knowledge production and R&D.; Please see the report under:

"The future of Key Research Actors in the European Research Area": Synthesis paper (EUR 21961) and working papers (EUR 21962)

Both reports are the result of the work of an expert group set up in 2005 on "The future of key research actors in the ERA". The mandate of the group was to undertake an exploratory prospective analysis, looking to 2020, of the role and importance of various actors in the production of knowledge.

Please see the reports under:

Under the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7), Foresight activities are part of the Socio-Economic Sciences and Humanities theme of the Cooperation specific programme. To implement the Foresight activities, 3 calls for tender were launched:

"Scale and scope as drivers of the European Research Area"

The objective of this call is to test one of the core assumptions underlying the ERA idea, namely that economies of scale and scope matter in research funding and execution, and that therefore coordination and collaboration in research funding and execution are beneficial, and fragmentation and dispersal are pernicious.

"Mapping the past in view of the future developments of the European Research Area"

This call aims to carry out a targeted assessment of the past and the present of the ERA, and to clarify the main drivers of European S&T integration, in order to develop perspectives on the future of the ERA.

"Lead markets and S&T specialisation in Europe"

The objective of this call is to provide European, national and regional policymakers with a basis for more informed decisions shaping the future European S&T specialisation through the use of demand-oriented policies and instruments. For this purpose an understanding of the mechanisms and drivers shaping market demand and how these in turn influence and are influenced by the technological supply is needed.

For further information you can contact the services through the mailbox (email removed)

First call for proposals for FP7 Foresight projects was launched


For the first time the European Commission has published a Call for Proposals dedicated to Foresight research under the heading "Blue Sky Research on Emerging Issues affecting European S&T;".

This call is an opportunity for researchers to present their own ideas for promising new research projects in the field of S&T foresight studies. The aim is to stimulate work which takes a long-term perspective and addresses issues which are just emerging or not yet visible on the policy radar, but could have far-reaching implications for European S &T. Projects should involve an original approach, be situated outside conventional frameworks, and produce creative new visions.

All information needed to submit a proposal can be found here

Please note that the deadline for submission is 29 November 2007 and the proposals must be in the form of collaborative research projects (small or medium-scale focused projects).

For further information you can contact the services through the mailbox (email removed)

FOR-LEARN online foresight guide and the online discussion forum have been launched.

Despite all the experience collected with Foresight in the last twenty years, newcomers sometimes still found it difficult to access the available knowledge. This new online Foresight guide is a dynamic tool that makes information on Foresight more comprehensible and accessible to a wider public. It is aimed at practitioners of Foresight as well as all those policy makers and administrators willing to launch a Foresight activity: it provides users with clear guidelines on the various stages and necessary steps to design and carry out a Foresight exercise and a first level support to practitioners.

The support to Practitioners service established in the previous phase, referred as query system, has been transformed into an online discussion forum offering a multi-direction support mechanism in which the individuals and organisations within the Foresight community will actively support one another.

Prospective studies of the Foresight S&T Knowledge Sharing Platform are now available

Missions and activities of the S&T Foresight unit leaflet

The heads of states and governments of EU Member States decided in Lisbon in March 2000 on a long term strategy to make the European Union by 2010 "the most competitive and dynamic knowledge-based economy in the world, capable of sustainable economic growth with more and better jobs and greater social cohesion".

The move towards a European Research Area is a key dimension of this ambitious strategy. Open coordination of national and EU research and innovation policies is on the agenda.

Research and innovation policies are based on (implicit or explicit) visions of the future of science, technology and society. Therefore open coordination applies also to these visions. This is why cooperation in Foresight is called for in the European Research Area.

By setting up a "European Science and Technology Foresight Knowledge Sharing Platform" we aim to develop a coherent supportive framework at the European level to provide use and optimum benefit of Foresight, and to identify and mobilise all relevant actors (at every governance level). Two web sites materialise the layers of Monitoring Foresight Activities (European Foresight Monitoring Network - and Support to Mutual Learning (FOR-LEARN project -

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