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FAIR (1994-1998)






The FAIR Programme 1994-1998

The main objective of the FAIR programme was the promotion and harmonisation of research in the major European primary production food and non-food sectors of agriculture, horticulture, forestry, fisheries and aquaculture. The programme sought to promote links between research with the input and processing industries, together with the rural activities, the end user and the consumer.

The programme covered all aspects of the production and utilisation of biological raw materials, with the aim of developing new markets, products and processes for raw materials coming from agriculture, forestry and fisheries while supporting evolving Community policies in the fields of agriculture, fisheries, forestry, industry, energy and the environment.

The programme covered the following thematic areas:

  • Area 1 Integrated Production and Processing Chains;
  • Area 2 Scaling-up and Processing Methodologies;
  • Area 3 Generic Science and Advanced Technologies for Nutritious Foods;
  • Area 4 Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development;
  • Area 5 Fisheries and Aquaculture;
  • Area 6 Ethical, legal and social aspects - ELSA.

Horizontal activities such as demonstration, ethical, legal and social aspects, specific measures in support of SMEs and accompanying measures such as research training grants, support for conferences and dissemination of results were also covered by the programme.

Further information
Projects and Results FAIR projects and research results (1994-1998) are available on this website (see menu to left). Browse the CORDIS RTD-Projects database and the CORDIS RTD-Results database for information on all RTD programmes.
Research before 1994 Information on projects and results undertaken between 1990-1994 can be found by accessing the CORDIS RTD-Projects database or the RTD-Results database, selecting AIR under Programme acronyms, and proceeding with Search.
Research after 1998 Information on research initiated under the Fifth Framework programme (1998-2002) can be found on the Quality of Life website.
Europa Information on FAIR is also available on the Europa server.

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