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BIOMED 2 (1994-1998)







Biomedicine and Health (BIOMED 2) 1994-1998

BIOMED 2 was launched to support medical research activities in line with the priorities set out in the Council Decision of 15 December 1994 adopting the specific programme on Biomedicine and Health. It was one of the three specific programmes that implemented the Life sciences and technologies domain of the Fourth RTD Framework Programme.

The programme aimed to improve medical knowledge and the health of the European population, as well as increasing the competitiveness of the European health industry by strengthening the scientific basis. The priorities articulated in the Work Programme were targeted at projects that helped to realise these objectives. There was also an emphasis on promoting the transfer of research results into clinical practice.

Further information
Projects and Results BIOMED 2 projects and research results (1994-1998) are available on this website (see menu to left). Browse the CORDIS RTD-Projects database and the CORDIS RTD-Results database for information on other RTD programmes.
Research before 1994 Information on projects and results arising from BIOMED 1 (1990-1994) can be found by accessing the CORDIS RTD-Projects database or the RTD-Results database, selecting BIOMED 1 under Programme acronyms, and proceeding with Search.
Research after 1998 Information on Biomedical research initiated under the Fifth Framework programme (1998-2002) can be found on the Quality of Life website.
Europa Information on BIOMED is also available on the Europa server.

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